How to Clean a Rug

BerbersCraft™ presents new luxurious and artistic Berber carpets from Morocco. These carpets are made of the highest quality wool and hand-woven by Moroccan Atlas women who have mastered the ancestral weaving techniques passed down through generations. The symbolic meaning of Berber carpets is the expression of primitive worship of fertility and originality, which originated in the earliest distant civilization. There is no other manual form that can keep this ancient allusion to this day. This is the unique feature of Berber carpets. The artistic composition of the carpet uses simple patterns related to the daily lives of these tribes: the beetle is a symbol of resistance to the evil eye, and the teapot refers to the welcoming and friendly villagers. Every symbol and every design tells a story, and the skilled hands of the craftsmen are immortal on every carpet. Butterflies, flowers or stars symbolize feminine beauty. The branches express plants and trees of life. Palm trees and camels symbolize the suffering and patience of Berber women. The line in the center of the carpet is often reminiscent of the architecture of the house. Every line and every thread carries a story that can only be seen with care. How to clean your Moroccan carpet?  BerbersCraft™unique carpet is known for its delicate, silky wool and harmony of colors or monochromatic colors. Our rugs are loved by connoisseurs and friendly interior designers for their creativity, lines and symbols. Most people worry about washing Moroccan carpets because they think they will lose their elegance and originality. Well, as long as you have the best Moroccan rugs, you won't have such worries. The original Berber tribal carpet is easy to clean. You only need to be a little careful during the washing process and there will be no problems. Here are some tips for the  BerbersCraft™ team to clean these carpets: 1- Find a clean place or area to clean antique Moroccan carpets or artistic carpets The first step is to prepare a clean place or area where you will clean the carpets. Wet the area and make sure there is no dirt or dust

2- Prepare the carpet Now you are ready to clean the carpet area. You must prepare it to clean it. For this, you need to clean the dust and dry dirt on the carpet. Hang the carpet on a rope and hit it with your hands or a piece of wood (we prefer a baseball bat) to remove dirt and dust particles from the carpet. This can be done easily and will help you remove most of the dirt and dust.

3- Wet the carpet The next step is to place your carpet in the clean area you prepared earlier and make your Moroccan carpet completely soaked. Next, you will need a powdered detergent, because this detergent is considered harmless to washing. Any carpet. Sprinkle the powdered detergent on the carpet and rub it gently with your hands to produce foam on the surface of the carpet.

4- Scrub and rinse You can also scrub with a soft brush. When finished, rinse the carpet to remove all foam. Add a little more water to make sure all the chemicals used are removed from the carpet.

5- Wipe dry! Dry the carpet in the sun. It is not recommended to use a dryer to dry the carpet, as it may take one to three days to dry, depending on the thickness of the carpet. Look, wipe it dry and you will have a new, clean, beautiful carpet.